Xbox Offers Holiday Tips for Parents

For parents, the holidays are filled with stress. There are trees to decorate, parties to attend, presents to wrap, cookies to bake... it's a lot to handle! But one of the most stressful things for parents can be setting up new toys. Those that might not know the ins and outs of video game consoles will be happy to know that Microsoft has released a handy video offering advice for parents that may have purchased a console for their kiddos, this year. In the video, host Jessica Chobot discusses some of the features of Xbox One, and how parents can make sure their family gets the most out of the console.

Perhaps the best piece of advice Chobot details in the video is getting the console setup a day or two early. Going through all of the various screens, making sure the system connects to the internet, and getting all of the software up-to-date can be a time-consuming process. Making sure that the kids don't have to deal with that after they've cracked open the box is sound advice.

In addition to setup, Chobot and Rukari Austen also discuss the best games to buy for families, citing titles like Minecraft, Super Lucky's Tale, Madden, Overcooked! 2 and Just Dance. When it comes to family friendly games on Xbox, these are definitely some of the best options on the console. To make sure kids aren't playing games they shouldn't be, Chobot also details parental controls and how to establish spending limits on the console.

For parents that might be out of the gaming loop, this video's existence is really helpful. Video game consoles have changed dramatically over the years, and parents that might not be knowledgeable about video games are bound to have questions. Video game consoles make some of the greatest and most memorable presents. With this type of advice, parents should have a much easier time figuring things out before the big day.

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