Is Microsoft Making Xbox Live Gold Free?

Is Microsoft making Xbox Live Gold free on Xbox One and Xbox Series X? At the moment of [...]

Is Microsoft making Xbox Live Gold free on Xbox One and Xbox Series X? At the moment of publishing, it's unclear, but its speculation that's currently making the rounds within the Xbox community after Xbox recently got rid of its option to buy a yearly amount of Xbox Gold Membership via the official Xbox website. There could be a few explanations for this, including it being an error, but it has fans wondering if Microsoft is gearing up to make the service free.

Meanwhile, it's also quite possible that this has something to do with Xbox Game Pass, or more specifically, Xbox Ultimate Game Pass, which comes with not just Xbox Game Pass, but Xbox Live Gold for $15 a month. In other words, it's a premium version of Xbox Game Pass that gets you Xbox Live Gold for an additional $5 a month.

As Twitter account Cheap Ass Gamer points out, there haven't been any notable Xbox Live Gold Membership deals since Ultimate was announced. Meaning it looks like Microsoft is phasing out Xbox Live Gold in favor of making Xbox Game Pass Ultimate the standard going forward.

It's also possible this is due to the fact that a change in price is coming to Xbox Live Gold, or more specifically, a price hike.

At the moment of publishing, Microsoft has not commented on the situation, leaving Xbox fans with nothing but speculation. And while some think this is a signal that Xbox Live Gold is going free, this is highly unlikely. Microsoft isn't just going to throw millions down the drain. If this isn't an error, it's likely a signal at some structure change, a price hike, or the service being scrapped in favor of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate becoming the standard. However, if the latter is the case, then Xbox users will essentially be forced into paying an extra $10 a month for a subscription they may not even want.

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