Microsoft Raises Xbox Live Gold Prices

Microsoft is raising the prices of Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, the company confirmed on Friday [...]

Microsoft is raising the prices of Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, the company confirmed on Friday following reports that the price increase would happen soon. The updated pricing on Xbox Live Gold will apply to "select markets" including those in the United States and is meant to reflect the continued investments into and value from Xbox Live Gold. Microsoft published a post about the changes on Friday to detail exactly what these new prices would look like for those who are already subscribed now or will be new subscribers in the future.

Each version of the Xbox Live Gold subscription model is increasing whether it's one month, three months, or six months that you're looking for. The new prices for the subscription service will be $10.99 for one month, $29.99 for three months, and $59.99 for six months. That means that if you stay subscribed to Xbox Live Gold for a year – which many people do since they never let their subscriptions slip – it'll cost around $120 in total from now on. At the time of writing, you can still get a 12-month subscription for $59.99 here on Amazon.

"Periodically, we assess the value and pricing of our services to reflect changes in regional marketplaces and to continue to invest in the Xbox community; we'll be making price adjustments for Xbox Live Gold in select markets," the Xbox Live Gold team explained in a post on the Xbox Wire

Those subscribed to the service may have already gotten notifications about this to inform them of the price increase. There's a grace period of 45 days after receiving those messages after which point the prices will be adjusted accordingly. If you're already subscribed to Xbox Live gold through the 12-month option that was discontinued in July 2020 or the six-month option, you'll see no price change until it's time to renew your membership.

"Members have already been notified in some regions," the Xbox team said. "If you're in a region where prices are being adjusted, you will receive an email and a message center notification over the next month letting you know what the new pricing is for your membership. Going forward, new pricing will be 1-month for $10.99, 3-months for $29.99, and 6-months for $59.99, or your local market equivalent. You can always visit your account to manage your membership, and prices won't adjust until at least 45 days after you receive the messages."

For those who want to go ahead and make the jump up to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which includes both Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft has an incentive in place. Those who upgrade to the service will have their remaining time with Xbox Live Gold converted to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at no additional cost up to 36 months.

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