Xbox Live Server Issues Reported, Microsoft Responds (UPDATE)

UPDATE: "Looks that we're on our way back to stability on our Xbox Store. If you're one of the affected and still seeing this issue, go ahead and restart your Xbox One console. We appreciate everyone who reported this to us, we're here and listening."

Last week was one trying week for the team over at Xbox Game Studios after their Xbox Live services continued to rotate through a plethora of issues. While those were eventually patched up, the Xbox Support twitter has just responded to a rising number of complaints regarding searching and purchasing features on the Xbox One.

As captioned above, "We are currently looking into issues with searching, viewing & purchasing titles within the Xbox Store on Xbox One consoles that is affecting a subset of users. If you're currently affected, you can stay updated on our status page here."

According to the actual support site, the Purchase and Content Usage services are out, as well as the TV, Music, and Video services. Luckily, everything else seems to be in working order at this time, though if you'd like to have updates as soon as they go live you can select "notify me" right here.


Hopefully the issues will be resolved quickly, but at least it is a good sign that Microsoft is aware of the issues and are actively working on a fix.