Xbox One Users Experience Black Screen of Death After New Insider Console Update

An unfortunate system update came about recently for some in the Xbox Insiders program that led to [...]

An unfortunate system update came about recently for some in the Xbox Insiders program that led to Xbox One users seeing their console reach the dreaded "black screen of death". This screen essentially makes the console unusable without the use of a specific workaround. At this point in time, some fixes for the problem have come about, but it seems as though the issue itself has been rather widespread.

For those unaware, the Xbox Insiders program gives select users access to new console updates and other features prior to their actual release for all players. Within the past week, Xbox pushed out a new update for Insiders to test out, but not long after going live, some began reporting that it was leading to their consoles booting up in a dead state. Many began reporting their own problems on the official Xbox One subreddit stating that they couldn't start up their console without it showing anything outside of this black screen.

Even though this might sound like a major problem (which it clearly is), this isn't the first time something like this has happened with new trial versions of Xbox One system software. As such, a few solutions have already been known about which might rectify the problem.

One popular solution that many have found luck with involves ejecting any games that might be present in the Xbox One's disc drive. After this, you should hold down the Xbox button on the console's face for five seconds to completely shut it down. From here, press both the Xbox button and the eject button simultaneously and hold them until you hear two beeps emit from the system. Once this is done, the console should bring up a menu in which you can choose to reset it while still keeping all games and apps installed. Choose this option and then hopefully, it should fix the problem.

Have you had this issue with your Xbox One? And if so, did this outlined solution help fix your own console? Share your thoughts with me either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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