Xbox Series X Update Surprises Players With Two Long-Awaited Features

Xbox's October update is finally adding not just one, but two long-awaited and highly-requested features. The first of these two features is limited to Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X users and it's one many couldn't believe wasn't supported at launch. If you own a PS5, you'll have noticed that the dashboard is in 4K. The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S dashboard is not. It's in 1080p, upsacled to 4K, which is puzzling for a console that uses 4K gaming as a selling point. That said, this is being addressed, and according to Xbox the upgrade improves "sharpness and text readability."

"One of the ways Xbox Series X delivers next-gen gaming is with true-to-life 4K gaming," reads an official news post about the update from Xbox. "Prior to today's update, the Xbox Series X dashboard, Guide, and other menus were upscaled from 1080p to 4K. We know players with an eye for detail and an appreciation for 4K wanted a crisp experience even when navigating the dashboard. We heard your feedback and started testing increased resolution for the dashboard. We're excited to share that starting today, players with an Xbox Series X connected to a 4K display will see the dashboard natively rendered in 4K. You can experience 4K while browsing the Home, My Games & Apps, Guide, and many other experiences. UI elements on the screen, such as game art and buttons, will have increased sharpness and improved text readability."

The other new feature is relevant to not just Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S users, but users of Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X. and that's the introduction of a night mode that allows users to adjust and reduce not just the Xbox display, but the power button on the console and controller as well. And as Xbox notes, users don't need to worry about constantly manually doing this thanks to a night mode schedule that can be customized and activated. That said, if you want to enjoy the new blue light filter, you can't if you're on any last-gen Xbox console. This feature within a feature is limited to the new Xbox consoles.

Rounding up the update is a new Quick Settings menu on the Xbox guide. According to Xbox, this will allow users to quick toggle accessibility features without ever having to leave the game or app being used. 

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