Report: Microsoft Releasing $60-100 Console Alongside Xbox Scarlett

Last month, a rumor surfaced claiming that Microsoft was abandoning its two-console approach. In other words, it wouldn't be shipping two versions of Xbox Scarlett. However, that doesn't mean it still isn't working on a second, streaming-only console to release alongside Xbox Scarlett. According to Microsoft insider Brad Sams, Xbox is still making its cheaper, streaming-only console that will be pitched towards more mainstream gamers who don't want a more premium priced gaming console, aka the Xbox Scarlett.

As you will know, there's been reports for awhile that Microsoft is working on a streaming-only next-gen Xbox console, but at the moment, the company hasn't said anything about such a system. However, Sams says it's still in the pipeline and will still utilize Projext xCloud. In fact, according to Sams, the cancellation of the second version of Xbox Scarlett means Microsoft is now placing a higher priority on this system.

"They have an [xCloud] console box, which is a really low-power, low-latency device that is designed to connect directly to xCloud and give you a better gaming experience," said Sams. "Think about how [Google] Stadia works — they have that controller, that connects directly to the router, giving better performance and making the experience more seamless. Microsoft has a similar thing, a cloud console box with very little power, but provides a better experience than just playing from a [smart] TV or something like that. It's not quite a set-top box or an Apple TV competitor, but a box that would let you connect an Xbox controller directly to xCloud. The details on this are still murky, but I'm hearing this project has not been killed."

According to Sams, Microsoft will come in with a very low price point to make the system appealing, a price point lower than $100, and possibly as cheap as $60.

Of course, take all of this with a grain of salt, like any rumor or report. While Sams is usually a pretty reliable source, even he says the details on this are still a bit murky. Who knows if this project will ever see the light of day. Even if it does, some of these finer details may not be accurate.


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