Use This Xbox Screensaver Trick to Extend the Life of Your TV

There’s a useful trick available for Xbox One owners involving a screensaver that’ll both [...]

There's a useful trick available for Xbox One owners involving a screensaver that'll both improve your Xbox experience and extend the life of your TV.

The tip was brought to light by Xbox's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb who highlighted some of the biggest Xbox news from the week of Nov. 3. While using a screensaver on your Xbox isn't exactly breaking news, it was a "Did you know?" part of the video that provided a neat trick for those looking to dim the lights a bit when taking a break from their gaming.

Major Nelson's "This Week on Xbox" video that's shown above shows off the tip that most Xbox owners were probably completely unaware of. If you need to step away from your Xbox for just a while and want to tone down the brightness, simply hold down the Xbox button until the menu appears and press "X." Doing so will dim your screen and put it into a screensaver mode until you take another action.

If you skip ahead to the 11:08 mark in Major Nelson's video, you can see the screensaver function in action. The current time as well as information on your accessories' battery life will appear around the screen to keep you informed and keep things moving while you take a break.

Aside from just being a helpful tool for pausing your gameplay, the screensaver function will also prove useful for those who are worried about extending the life of their TV. If you just invested in a 4K TV to make the most out of the Xbox One X, the last thing that you want to happen is having images burned into your screen because you left the Xbox on.

"Once in screensaver mode, your xbox will continueally exercise the pixels in your TV to prevent image retention and burn-in," Major Nelson said. "This is great if you're going to step away from your console for a while and helps extend the life of your TV screen."

Check out the rest of Major Nelson's videos each week for more tips like this one while you take care of your TV and improve your Xbox experience.