Xbox Series X Controller Issues Addressed by Microsoft

Ever since the launch of the Xbox Series X and S in late 2020, we've started to hear reports from some users that the next-gen consoles have been boasting controller issues. Rather than the controller problems stemming from the joysticks, as is the case with the PlayStation 5's DualSense and the Nintendo Switch's Joy-Cons, however, the buttons of the Xbox controllers have been the root cause. Now, Microsoft has formally addressed the situation and it is said to be looking for a fix.

In a new message given to The Loadout, Microsoft has said that it is well aware of the problem that has been plaguing some Xbox controllers over the past few months. "At Microsoft, we put all of our products through rigorous quality assurance testing and are committed to providing customers with an unparalleled gaming experience," a representative from the company said. However, when it comes to a potential fix at this moment, Microsoft says that it doesn't have much to offer other than pointing consumers to its support team. "We are aware some players may be experiencing unresponsiveness with their new Xbox Wireless Controllers and our teams are actively working on a solution," the message continued. "For the best experience, we encourage customers to visit Xbox Support for assistance."

To give more context to the problem as a whole, Xbox Series X and S controllers have essentially just been unresponsive when some users try to utilize the face buttons. The A, B, X, and Y buttons seem to be providing the most issues for many players. And while this doesn't seem to be a problem that is on the same scale as something like the Red Ring of Death from the Xbox 360 era, it's still a bummer to see any new console owner dealing with this problem.

Even though we're currently uncertain of what Microsoft is looking to do to fix the problem, perhaps it's something that can be rectified in a future hardware update. And if nothing else, if you're experiencing this same issue, you should definitely reach out to the Xbox support team as Microsoft suggested. Perhaps they can find a way to provide you with a solution or even ensure that a new controller that's in working order can get into your hands.

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