Xbox Update Adds New Language Support Options

Microsoft is always looking to make the experience more enjoyable for Xbox Series X|S users, and [...]

Microsoft is always looking to make the experience more enjoyable for Xbox Series X|S users, and the system's latest update should make it easier to find supported language options for each game. In a new blog post from Xbox Wire, the company revealed that players will now be able to easily discover which of 27 different languages are supported for games in the Microsoft Store and through the Xbox Game Pass app. The option is offered for hundreds of games as of this writing, but Xbox has indicated that more will see the feature added in the future.

When checking language options, users will also be able to see them broken down three different ways: by a title's interface, audio, and subtitles. Essentially, Xbox now lets users know which of these three are supported in that specific language. Not every game gets language support in all three ways; sometimes, it's just the interface that has support for other languages while the audio remains the same across each version. Now users will have an easier time finding that information before they make a purchase, or prior to downloading a game on Game Pass.

While this addition might not be all that exciting for some, it's going to be a big quality of life addition for others. For the new console generation, Microsoft has looked at ways of making the experience as user friendly as possible, and this will definitely help in that regard. Today's Xbox Wire post follows yesterday's update revealing a number of other changes coming to Xbox consoles. These include new wireless headphone options, the ability to find and change subscription plan information, and more. With all these changes on the way, it seems that the Xbox experience is only getting better!

Interestingly enough, today's blog post also contained a potential tease for something that should excite a lot of other Xbox users. In the image at the top of the post, the Microsoft Store listing for Batman: Arkham Knight can be seen, and it features an icon that states that it's been enhanced for Xbox Series X|S. Since that has not yet been announced, it could be a tease for the future. Readers can find out more about that right here.

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