Xbox Team Explains What All an Xbox One X "Enhanced" Game Involves

Two members of the Xbox team sat down to explain to prospective Xbox One X buyers what exactly was in store for them when it comes to the Xbox One X-enhanced library of games.

Labeling a game as Xbox One X-enhanced is a descriptor that's been heard pretty frequently since the reveal of the Xbox One X with more games being added to the lineup all the time. Improved graphics and an increase in performance are two differences that many Xbox fans can likely count on with the enhanced versions of the games, but the specifics of what you'll get vary depending on the game.

This can lead to some confusion when trying to figure out what "enhanced" means for you already own and those that you hope to buy for the new console, but Xbox's Major Nelson and Albert Penello helped define the term that players have been hearing frequently.

"If you look at Gears of War [4], they're going to be upgrading their game using the 4K assets from PC, and they're going to be in native 4K," Penello said during his discussion with Major Nelson, shown in the video above. "You can look at a game like Forza 7 which is really going to be pushing the envelope of technology with native 4K, 60 FPS, and high-resolution textures. So, games are going to do different things, but all of them fall under the banner of Xbox One X-enhanced."

Penello continued by saying that each one of the games that's receiving Xbox One X enhancements will have box art updated to reflect the enhancements. Inside the digital store, players will also be able to sort games by specific Xbox One X enhancements. Those with an Xbox One S will be able to sort by the same options in their game libraries to see what games would be available for them if they upgrade, that feature coming in an update later this year.

The Xbox One X is scheduled for a release on November 7 for $500, and preorders are active for the console.



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