Yes, Your Grace Is a Kingdom Management Game Where You Play as a Medieval King

Developer Brave at Night and publisher No More Robots have announced Yes, Your Grace, a medieval kingdom management game where you play as King, and more importantly, father of a royal family. To accompany the announcement, the pair revealed a brand-new trailer showing of the game's beautiful pixel-art graphics and teasing some of the things you'll have to do as a king of a kingdom under attack.

At the moment of publishing, there's no word of an exact release date, but No More Robots notes the game will release on PC -- via Steam -- sometime between April and May 2020. Meanwhile, after this, the game will be ported to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. For the moment, there's no word of a PS4 port.

As you can see in the debut trailer, in Yes, Your Grace, players will be tasked with, well, running an entire kingdom. This means upgrading and maintaining your castle, courting lords, helping the local peasant find his pig, and taking care of the needs of your family.

Yes, Your Grace will be available for PC when it releases sometime next spring. At the moment, it's unclear how much it will cost. Below, you can read more about the 2020 title via an official story synopsis:


"Yes, Your Grace follows the story of King Eryk, ruler of Davern and father to three daughters—Lorsulia, Asalia, and Cedani. Having failed in producing an heir, Eryk has resorted to desperate measures, and promised his firstborn to a leader of the barbaric Free-People to the north. Now that Lorsulia is of age, this leader is coming to collect, bringing an army with him.

"As the Free-People pillage Davern, villagers, merchants, and local Lords will travel to Eryk’s crumbling throne room to ask for gold, supplies, and the promise of protection from the monsters with red banners and steel claws. Struggling with the idea of letting his daughter leave with a brute, he concocts a new plan—to marry Lorsulia off to a nearby prince. Ending in bloodshed and tears, Lorsulia’s wedding is a catastrophe that throws the entire kingdom into unrest. With no troops, a decaying castle, and a long line of visitors at the door, Eryk must rally his people, unite the Lords, and keep his family safe, no matter the cost."