Falcon and the Winter Solider Funko Pops Get an Official Launch at Funko Fair


Day 4 of the Funko Fair 2021 event was dedicated to Marvel Pop figure releases, though a bit disappointing given that many of the figures were previously announced. Such is the case with their wave based on the upcoming Disney+ and Marvel Studios series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Three of the four Pop figures in the wave were released back in December, with a Flying Falcon Pop being the only new addition.

The complete wave of Funko Pop figures from The Falcon and the Winter Solider include Falcon (Anthony Mackie), the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan), and Baron Zemo (Daniel Brühl). Pre-orders for these figures are up and running now via the following links with shipping slated for January.

The costumes on the Funko Pops don't appear to particularly spoilery - we've had some decent looks at Baron Zemo in the past, including a leak of this very Pop figure showing off the comic-inspired mask paired with a jacket and pants. The outfits on Falcon and the Winter Soldier have appeared previously in promotional material.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Pop figures are part of the 10-day Funko Fair 2021 extravaganza. Hundreds of Funko Pops, Funko SODA figures, and more will be released over the course of the event, and you can keep tabs on them all right here via our Funko Fair 2021 master list.


Another big of merch from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier that got an early release is Hasbro's Marvel Legends Captain America shield. It's a 1:1 scale replica that measures 24-inches across and features the segmented design that we've seen on Sam Wilson's shield in Avengers: Endgame and in Falcon and the Winter Solider. It also appears to include the faux leather straps seen in Hasbro's previous Cap shield props.

Pre-orders for the Marvel Legends Falcon and Winter Soldier Captain America Shield Prop Replica are up and running here at Entertainment Earth for $119.99 with free shipping.

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