MrBeast Launches a Signature NERF Pro GelFire Full Auto Blaster

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MrBeast, the newly minted king of YouTube, has partnered with Hasbro / NERF on a signature Gelfire full auto blaster. If you're unfamiliar, NERF got into the gel round game earlier this year with the Gelfire Mythic blaster, which fires hydrated soft polymer rounds that burst on impact. Both versions feature full auto and semi auto modes, the ability to fire up to 10 rounds per second, an extendable stock, removable barrel attachment, and trigger lock. The MrBeast edition differs from the original with more colorful styling, a smaller hopper (300 rounds vs 800 rounds), double the amount of included rounds (20,000 rounds vs 10,000), and a more affordable price – sort of. 

The list price of the Gelfire Mythic blaster is $79.99 or $89.99 depending on where you look, but it is available to order here on Amazon for only $49.99 after a 26% discount and an automatic $9.01 coupon applied at checkout. Walmart is also selling it on sale for $59. The MrBeast Pro Gelfire blaster is available to pre-order here on Amazon, here at Walmart, and here at Entertainment Earth for $69.99 with a release expected in April. 

See Nerf Gelfire on Amazon

Nerf notes that "the GELFIRE rounds are water-hydrated rounds that burst upon impact – much like when a blown bubbles bursts leaving a barely perceptible residue. The rounds and their residue are not toxic to humans, dogs, or cats. In addition, based on our environmental studies, the GELFIRE rounds do not pose an adverse impact to the environment when used as intended."

Refill prices – See on Amazon

  • 15k Gelfire rounds at $7.99
  • 20k Gelfire rounds + Hopper at $12.99

"As an exclusive to NERF, the patented innovations in the NERF PRO GELFIRE MYTHIC blaster pave the way for a new NERF blaster category, further cementing NERF as a leading social, active play lifestyle brand," said Adam Kleinman, SVP & GM, NERF, Hasbro. "We have such a wide variety of NERF products available for fans of all ages, and the NERF Pro GelFire Mythic blaster is the perfect addition for fans desiring high-energy, action-packed NERF experiences. Outdoor play and competitive sports fans are going to love the new NERF Pro GelFire Mythic Blaster."