PewDiePie Is No Longer the Most Subscribed YouTuber

PewDiePie has been dethroned as the most subscribed YouTuber. PewDiePie has dominated YouTube for about a decade now, starting his channel as a Call of Duty commentator before transitioning into let's play content that would largely center around horror games. He would eventually take on other kinds of content like vlogs, reaction content, and more. Nevertheless, he gained the vast majority of his popularity from his gaming content and has been able to leverage that audience and embrace a new one as he breaks out into other forms of content. He's largely a one man show, though, and has managed to become extremely successful without having a giant company of people working under him.

However, he's no longer the most subscribed YouTuber. After holding a massive record of subscribers at over 111 million subs, YouTuber MrBeast surpassed him. MrBeast has gained a lot of traction in recent years by just having tons of money and giving it away or creating elaborate events. He created a real life version of Squid Games, has people participate in absurd contests for prizes and money, and much more. MrBeast even has his own restaurant which has contributed to his notoriety. He is now the most subscribed YouTuber, but not the most subscribed channel. There are three companies or organizations above MrBeast on this chart, but given they have studios, tons of employees, and so on, MrBeast is recognized as the most subscribed "YouTuber" given there's a face to the name. MrBeast does technically have employees, but he is at the head of all of it rather than a generalized brand.

As of right now, it seems likely MrBeast will continue to widen the gap between him and PewDiePie. The latter has been a subject of controversy in recent years with inappropriate videos, racial slurs being said on stream, and a lot more. MrBeast, however, has sustained a family friendly image throughout his career so far and will likely continue to do so.

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