New Infographic Reveals Most Sought-After Horror Movies by State

One of the most interesting aspects of horror movies is how varied responses can be to any number of films, as even "bad" films can possess different levels of enjoyment. After compiling data using thorough research, compiled a range of surprising statistics, including the most regularly searched for horror movie by state, which you can see in a graphic below.

favorite horror movies by state

You'll see many movies appear as the most sought-after films in a variety of states, with The Ring, Silence of the Lambs and Suspiria appearing as the top search all across the country.

Understandably, in the state that gave it its namesake, Texas Chain Saw Massacre is the most searched for fright flick. Additionally, Night of the Living Dead, which was filmed in Pittsburgh, took the top spot for searches. This trend was repeated with The Shining, which took place in Colorado.

While multiple horror movies appeared as the most-searched title in states across the country, data reflected that certain titles were only popular in a specific state. For example, Jaws was the most-searched horror film in Hawaii, possibly as a reflection of how popular the state is for its surfing. In a similar trend, Psycho was the most-searched horror film in Minnesota, possibly a reflection of the film partially being inspired by real-life serial killer Ed Gein. Admittedly, Gein murdered victims in Wisconsin, but those real-life crimes in the neighboring state were most likely a factor in searches.

The research conducted by the site involved asking participants how old they were when they were first exposed to horror, with the average age being 7.2 years old. Considering many films could be geared towards young children but contain intense subject matter, it's also possible these numbers reflect the subjective exposure to horror, as opposed to the age of someone when first seeing a full-length R-rated horror film.

The most exciting aspect about the above information is that it showcases the variety of horror movies from a variety of decades regularly being sought-after, regardless of whether it focuses on zombies, monsters or maniacal murderers.