'Stranger Things' Season 3: First Look at Eleven on Set

Following its debut in 2016, Stranger Things became one of the most talked-about TV shows of the year, with star Millie Bobby Brown and her portrayal of the mysterious Eleven being a stand-out component. The first season saw the character rock a tightly cropped buzz cut, while the second season allowed her hair to grow out a bit. With Season Three now filming, the first images of the actress have emerged, which can be viewed on Just Jared.

Brown is seen alongside her co-star Sadie Sink in the images, though a stunt double was required for Brown to ride a bike in the scenes being filmed, as the actress is still recovering from a knee injury.

Eleven has seen a variety of looks in the first two seasons, with each outfit reflecting her role in the narrative.

Initially, the character was discovered wearing a hospital gown, which audiences discovered was the result of spending time in a covert scientific institution where her telekinetic abilities were being manipulated. Given the secretive nature of her escape, Eleven then opted to wear clothes that would allow her to blend in, as much of the initial two seasons saw her attempting to avoid detection.

One episode of Season Two saw Eleven break free from her isolation, eventually crossing paths with a group of teens who had similar abilities to her. With the show being set in the '80s, the characters dressed her in an outfit embraced by those familiar with the new wave music scene.

These new images of Brown on set show the actress wearing casual clothes which aren't quite incognito, but don't draw attention to the teenager.

In addition to Brown's physical injury, she was also injected unwillingly into a toxic corner of the internet, which seemingly took an emotional toll on the actress. A series of memes used the format of placing offensive and homophobic messages over the image of the actress and attributing these quotes to her, despite Brown being a strong figure in anti-bullying campaigns. After months of these memes circulating, Brown ultimately deleted her Twitter account, likely due to these memes, though she remains active on Instagram.

Fans will be able to see Brown in action in Season Three of Stranger Things, debuting next year.


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