Stranger Things Season 3 Now Available on Netflix

The wait is finally over! As of 12 am PT this morning, Netflix fans around the world were able to login and return to the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. After waiting for more than a year, since October 2017 as a matter of fact, the third installment of Netflix's wildly popular Stranger Things series is now available. It may be the 4th of July, but TV fans will likely want to spend the day binging the beloved sci-fi series.

Like the first two seasons, the new installment of Stranger Things will be a fairly short binge. There are just eight episodes coming out today, but they're packed with more action, excitement, and nostalgia than most shows can fit into 22.

A lot has changed in the town of Hawkins since the last time we saw these characters, especially for the chief of police, Jim Hopper.

During an exclusive interview with, actor David Harbour talked about some of the big changes fans will see in Hopper throughout Season 3.

"Well, they can certainly expect a growth in the waistline [laughs]," Harbour joked. "I certainly am a lot girthier this season than ever. But in terms of emotional growth, yeah. It's a change. It's almost like two steps forward, one step back. He's now at a place where his daughter is growing up. She's becoming a teenager, and she has a boyfriend, and she likes kissing him, and this all just terrifies Hopper. He really just does not like that at all."

Of course, Hopper doesn't deal with Eleven's new relationship all to well.

"He's almost in an even more childish place than he's been ever, and he sort of plants himself in front of the TV trying to listen in to his daughter while watching Magnum P.I. and eating chips and salsa all day long," the actor continues. "And so, yeah, he's in a place of real turmoil, and I think that launches him on this path of how do I deal with change, how do I deal with the fact that she's growing up, and it launches him on this path of what he needs to rediscover as a man to be able to grow into this new role."


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All three seasons of Stranger Things are now streaming on Netflix.