'A Quiet Place' Director Confirms Creature Origins

John Krasinski's monster movie A Quiet Place topped the box office for a second weekend this with [...]

John Krasinski's monster movie A Quiet Place topped the box office for a second weekend this with audiences coming out for the movie featuring a family's attempt to survive in a world where terrifying monsters attack at even the slightest sound. Now, Krasinski has revealed where those monsters come from -- and no, they aren't Cloverfield monsters.

Speaking with the Empire Podcast, Krasinski explained that the creatures are definitively from space, but that unlike most aliens in movies, they aren't here with an agenda.

"They are absolutely aliens," Krasinski said. "They're from another planet. Where I developed the idea of them and what I wanted them to look like was most alien movies are about takeovers, agendas, they're a thinking alien creature, and for me this idea of a predator, this idea of a parasite, this idea of something that is introduced into an ecosystem [was interesting]."

Krasinski went on to explain that the monsters were also carefully created to be more than convenient to the story, but pose a real challenge as they, like all creatures, have specific rules they adhere to.

"The idea behind all that is they're definitely aliens and they're an evolutionarily perfect machine," he explained. "So, the idea is that if they grew up on a planet that had no humans and no light then they don't need eyes, they can only hunt by sound. They also develop a way to protect themselves from everything else so that's why they're bulletproof and all these things. I had to make it make sense. I needed the rules of the monster to adhere as tightly to the rules of the family. The family, we had set up all these incredible rules, and I needed the monster to not just be convenient."

Making sure the monsters weren't just convenient included a rationale for why they were nearly indestructible. Krasinski said that their physiology is what allowed them to make it to Earth and be the problem the pose in the film.

"And the other idea was [the armor is] also the reason why they were able to survive the kind of explosion on their planet and then survive on these meteorites, because they've evolved to be bulletproof. Until they open themselves up to be vulnerable, they're completely invulnerable."

A Quiet Place is in theaters now.

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