Abigail Star Alisha Weir Describes Vampire Blood Flavor

Alisha Weir really liked the taste of her fake mouth blood.

Abigail is hitting theaters tonight, and the new horror movie is already faring well with critics. The movie is currently up on Rotten Tomatoes with an 87% critics score after 45 reviews. Abigail was helmed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett AKA Radio Silence, and sees them reteaming up with Scream's Melissa Barrera. In the film, Barrera is joined by a line-up of other exciting actors, including Alisha Weir, who plays the movie's titular vampire. Weir is best known for playing the lead in Matilda the Musical, but Abigail isn't her first foray into horror. She was also featured in the 2018 film, Don't Leave Home. This week, ComicBook.com had the chance to chat with Barrera and Weir, and they talked about how much Weir enjoyed the tase of the fake mouth blood. 

"Well, we had blood that was everywhere and then we had body blood, and then we had mouth blood that went around our mouths," Weir explained. "And that's the one that sometimes got in our mouth. So it tasted better than the blood that was on our body. And then I also had black blood that went in my tongue that tasted really good. That tasted like sweets."

"She was obsessed with that," Barrera added. "Let's just say she was, she was like, 'Can I please have more?' Everybody was like 'Alicia, you're good. Your tongue is still black, and she was like, 'I want more.'"

You can watch out interview with Barrera and Weir at the top of the page.

What Is Abigail About?

You can read the official synopsis for Abigail here: "From Radio Silence -- the directing team of Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett behind the terrifying modern horror hits Ready or Not, 2022's Scream, and last year's Scream VI -- comes a brash, blood-thirsty new vision of the vampire flick, written by Stephen Shields (The Hole in the GroundZombie Bashers) and Guy Busick (Scream franchise, Ready or Not)."

In addition to Weir and Barrera, Abigail stars Kathryn Newtwon (Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Lisa Frankenstein), Dan Stevens (Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire, Legion) William Catlett (Black LightningTrue Story), Kevin Durand (Resident Evil: RetributionX-Men Origins: Wolverine), and Angus Cloud (EuphoriaNorth Hollywood) as the kidnappers.

The film is produced by William Sherak (Scream franchise, Ready or Not), Paul Neinstein (Scream franchise; executive producer, The Night Agent), and James Vanderbilt (ZodiacScream franchise) for Project X Entertainment, by Tripp Vinson (Ready or NotJourney 2: The Mysterious Island), and by Radio Silence's Chad Vilella (executive producer Ready or Not and Scream franchise). The executive producers are Ron Lynch and Macdara Kelleher. 

Abigail is set to land in theaters on April 19th.