American Horror Story: Delicate Episode 9 Recap With Spoilers: "The Auteur"

Anna makes a choice in the season finale for AHS Delicate.

Last week on American Horror Story: Delicate, everything came to a head for Anna. Not only did she discover that her husband, Dex, was cheating on her, but she finally won her Oscar right as she went into labor on stage as she was accepting the award. However, this might not be a happy occasion. Everything Anna has done to get to this point is seemingly coming to a head and the reality of her choices — and the price she may have to pay may very well come into focus. Who are the mysterious figures who have been tormenting her? What's really going on? Here's everything that happened in "The Auteur."

Spoilers for the season finale of American Horror Story: Delicate, "The Auteur", beyond this point. Read on only if you want to know.

What Happens in American Horror Story: Delicate Episode 9?

Brooklyn 2019. A woman is crying at a group therapy session for women dealing with infertility. Siobhan and Anna meet and start to make friends and Siobhan gives her the contact information for Dr. Hill. Back in the present, Anna is escorted off the stage having just won and asks Siobhan how she knew she would win and she's also called Dex. Anna isn't happy to see him but says he can ride in the ambulance. However, something isn't right with this ambulance ride. There is no medic. Ivy is driving the ambulance and she kills Anna's security. Dex moves to help Anna deliver the baby, which is coming but whatever she is giving birth to severs his hand.

Flashback. Siobhan is meeting with Dr. Hill. She tells him that she's going to send him every wealthy patient and give him the life of his dreams and all he has to do is do exactly what she says. She says she makes her own rules.

Back in the present, the ambulance stops in a garage far from the city. Ivy shoves Dex's hand into his own mouth and Anna screams again. Next, we see her, she's on the stretcher as the black glad women approach her and tell her to push. Anna gives birth and is told the baby is perfect but they won't let her hold him. Ivy tells her that she chose the Oscar over her baby. That was the exchange. An enraged Anna gets up to take back her baby but something stabs her in the back. They tell her to surrender and stop fighting.

Anna wakes up surrounded by the women. She's paralyzed. They reveal that they recruit women who are perfect and want it all for their mission but they don't tell her quite what that mission is yet. Siobhan tells her that paralyzing her is her fault because she tried to take back the baby. They also give her a choice, to join them and receive their gifts of youth and beauty or end up like Preecher. She also reveals that she was sleeping with Dex's father — and is actually Dex's mother. Anna gave birth to the most powerful vessel of all and the baby she gave birth to is actually Siobhan's and Dex's. Siobhan says that she can hold the baby, but if she does, she joins them.

Anna is taken to a demonic nursery of sorts where Siobhan kills Ivy for having killed Dex. Siobhan also reveals that she's saved Dex's reproductive organs so that she can keep making creatures with the women — including Anna — to save humanity. The mission is to create a matriarchy, their idea of a utopia at all costs. Siobhan says that she is the Auteur and she runs the world. She hands Anna the baby, who is revealed to have claws. Anna feeds him and it's painful because he is biting her and drinking blood. Siobhan tells her that while motherhood is painful, it's beautiful. Siobhan tells Anna that they — she and her — are blood bound, together forever.

Alone, singing to the baby and crying, Adeline appears to her dressed in white and chanting the prayer she was chanting in her restaurant. Anna starts chanting it too. Adeline tells her that only light can stop the dark and the two of them chanting begins to destroy Siobhan. Siobhan is destroyed, the mirror breaks, and the creature baby is gone as well. Anna is no longer paralyzed. All that is left is Siobhan's head piece, which Anna puts on. She hears a baby crying and goes to find an all-white nursery with a baby crying in a crib — a completely normal baby, though she finds a spider and kills it before picking up the baby. Anna hears whispering and notices that she still has her Oscar and her baby. She has it all.