American Horror Story: Sarah Paulson Wants to Return for Season 10

Fans of American Horror Story were devastated earlier this year when they learned that Sarah [...]

Fans of American Horror Story were devastated earlier this year when they learned that Sarah Paulson, who had appeared in every season of the FX horror anthology series at that point, would not be appearing in American Horror Story: 1984. For a while there was hope that the popular star would make a brief appearance in 1984 even if only as a cameo, but that did not end up being the case. Now, with 1984 concluding in a few weeks fans have started looking ahead to Season 10 and it sounds like if Paulson gets her way, fans will be very happy. The actress wants to return for the series' tenth season.

Speaking with TV Guide on Saturday. Paulson said she would "love" to return to the series and went so far as to even note that it wasn't just a want, but a need for her to return to the Ryan Murphy co-created series in some capacity.

"It's hard not to be a part of it," Paulson said. "I would love to [return for Season 10]. I need to be a part of it again."

Up until 1984, Paulson had been a part of every season of the series in some fashion. She's played numerous characters over the years -- and sometimes more than one per season -- but perhaps the biggest fan-favorite is Cordelia Foxx, the Supreme witch first introduced in Coven and who played a major role in last season's Apocalypse. With Murphy having previously stated that he plans to bring the Coven witches back in a future season, there's the potential that we could see the witches again in Season 10, which is something that Paulson would welcome. She explained that she loves playing the Cordelia role.

"Any time I could play Cordelia, I would love to," Paulson said. "I really loved playing her. And I had a great wig last year [in Apocalypse]. That was fun, too."

As another fan-favorite actor, Evan Peters, Paulson went on to say that she would love to see the actor return to American Horror Story as well. Peters notably also did not return for 1984, taking a break from the series but has previously indicated that he hasn't ruled out a return.

"I miss Evan and I miss acting with Evan," Paulson said. "So I'd love to have that experience again. If he'll come back, I'm back."

American Horror Story: 1984 airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on FX.

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