'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' Teaser Image Resurrects Tate and Violet's Love

American Horror Story: Apocalypse has run a consistent and successful viral promotion campaign - [...]

American Horror Story: Apocalypse has run a consistent and successful viral promotion campaign - pretty much by releasing behind-the-scenes and/or teaser images, which show a lot of familiar characters making a return. With American Horror Story season 8 drawing from both the "Murder House" and "Coven" seasons for its crossover storyline, there are no shortage of characters to bring back - both living, and dead.

Today offers yet another fun tease, as previously confirmed returning cast members Evan Peters and Taissa Farmiga reveal an image of their two tragic lovers reunited in the "Murder House":

Tate and Violet. Together forever? AHS:Apocalypse, FX Sept 12.

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American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy makes the tease even more agonizing with the caption of "Tate and Violet. Together forever?" Which suggests that the series original "Will they, won't they - OMG They Shouldn't!!!!" couple may be headed for a bad breakup.

Peters has been featured in every season of the show, and Farmiga has appeared in multiple seasons as well, so it may be hard to keep track of who they are representing in this particular photo. In "Murder House" Peters was psychotic ghost Tate Langdon, who befriended Farmiga's Violet Harmon when she moved into the infamous "Murder House" that Tate haunts. The evil ghost boy raped Violet's mother Vivien (Connie Britton), and manipulated both her parents into being murdered - as well as pushing Violet to take her own life. Violet ultimately falls for it and kills herself, unknowingly becoming a ghost like Tate; when she finds out about his vile acts against her family, Violet reconciles with her parents, and as family unit of ghosts haunting the Murder House, they shun Tate from their perceptions - though the psychotic boy vows to wait forever for Violet to come around.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse will revolve around the "Demon-Baby" Michael that Tate conceived with Vivien Harmon, and the child's possible destiny as the Anti-Christ. What that will mean for Tate as a "proud papa" remains to be seen. Similarly, the entire Harmon family will be returning for Apocalypse - but Farmiga's more pivotal role in the season may be reprising the role of "Zoe" one of the powerful witches of Coven, and the new Witches' Council established in that season. Farmiga and Peters had a love story arc in both "Murder House" and "Coven," but "Apocalypse" could concievably put their respective characters from those seasons on a direct collision course, of the Coven tries to stop the Demon-Baby.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse premieres on Sept. 12 on FX.