Netflix Renews Black Summer for Season 2

Earlier this year, Netflix's Black Summer entered the ever-evolving world of zombie television [...]

Earlier this year, Netflix's Black Summer entered the ever-evolving world of zombie television series, and left a pretty terrifying story on the small screen. The series, which is a loose prequel to Z Nation, presented an emotional take on the survivors of the zombie apocalypse -- and it sounds like the series will soon be back for more. According to a new report from Deadline, Black Summer has been renewed for an eight-episode second season on Netflix. While the series' return date is not officially confirmed, production will reportedly begin in 2020 in Alberta, Canada. Characters returning for the second season will be Rose (Jaime King), Spears (Justin Chu Cary) and Kyungsun (Christine Lee).

Jon Hyams - who served as a co-executive producer on Z Nation - will serve as the showrunner on Season 2 of Black Summer. He previously co-created and co-show-ran the first season with Karl Schaefer. King is set to also serve as a producer on Season 2.

"What I can tease is that whatever you think is gonna happen, will not happen," King told earlier this year. "It will always keep you on your toes. That that would keep people alive for, and that would keep people their seemingly downfall, really comes back to like very real human traits. Like, is the person egotistical? Do they have some kind of ulterior motive, right? What is in each character's base psychology? That's what's so cool about it, is that it really becomes metaphorical to what life is like. Every time I read the script, I just never expected to read what I was going to read."

"The elasticity and flexibility on set was so amazing," King added, "because [co-creator] John [Hyams] and I are so incredibly close, that there would be moments where Rose is supposed to do something and we'd be like, 'Nope, done.' And that would completely change the direction at where she was supposed to go. It's great to have that allowance, to be so clear in our vision as a filmmaker. And together, when we were working on producing it and for me as the actor and having that intimacy to immediately know, in that moment, that what we thought was gonna happen two months before has to hit right then and there. And that's a really fun part about it. So, the audience will be going on the journey with us. It's literally going to go on the same journey that we went through. And for Season Two... you'll see it when you get to episode eight."

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