Chucky Season 2 Opens With Major Character Death

As one might expect, the second season of Chucky begins with a bang and what seems like a major death. No literally, there's a huge bang. Fans may recall that the first season of the series featured the return of Alex Vincent as Andy Barclay, the actor from the original Child's Play movie once again reprising his character from the first two films. At the end of season one Andy was behind the wheel of a giant delivery truck, one filled with 70+ Chucky dolls all possessed by the Brad Dourif-voiced serial killer. Naturally, that's when things go poorly. Spoilers follow!

Picking up immediately after the first season ended, Andy is still driving the truck with the Tiffany doll still pointing a gun at him. As he continues to drive, he realizes that the Chucky dolls in the back of the truck don't remember him, nor do they even know who Tiffany is. They do have an instinctual attraction to Tiffany, and an aversion to Andy, which is hilarious. Though a bit of trickery, Andy is able to wrestle the gun that Doll Tiffany is holding, turning it on her and shooting her head clean off. After this however, something clicks and all the Chucky dolls remember Andy, resulting in 70 Chucky dolls running rampant to get to the front and kill their first friend 'til the end. Chucky dolls climb across the roof of the truck to get to their victim, but Andy sets his sights on the nearby Hackensack Gorge.


While headed for the huge cliff drop, Andy makes sure to mention "This is for Kyle!" (his babysitter from Child's Play 2 that is presumed dead from season one). As the truck plummets to the bottom of the gorge, and the many Chucky dolls scream for their lives, it becomes clear that no one is walking away from this. To cement it further the show reveals a shot of a giant illuminated cross that sits above the gorge, which becomes even more bright after the truck explodes at the bottom.

Later in the episode however at least one surviving Chucky doll is shown, telling our lead characters: "Andy is dead." By the rule of horror and television shows however, we never saw a body, so even though it sure seems like Andy Barclay has finally died, the door is definitely open for him to return with a bad ass eye patch. Chucky season two is here with new episodes premiering every Wednesday at 9 PM ET on USA Network and SYFY.