Chucky TV Show's Final Episode Featured its Most Gruesome Death

We're talking full spoilers for Chucky's entire first season, including the season finale, so spoilers follow! At the end of the season finale of Chucky, following several scenes that set-up the next plot threads of the franchise, the titular killer doll himself addresses the camera and audience in a fourth-wall break for the ages. Brad Dourif's Chucky spends most of this brief scene addressing the body count that he racked up over the course of the show, which came out to 21 in total for the little killer, it was another death in the season finale that was clearly the most gruesome though.

Though Chucky dispatched someone in the very first episode by electrocuting him and using his own vomit as a conduit, not to mention the time that he exsanguinated a cop with multiple syringes, and also pushed a lady out of 10 story window, it was Chucky's own death in the finale that was clearly the gnarliest. As the episode comes to a close, Chucky himself is confronted by Zackary Arthur's Jake who battles him in perhaps the most ironic location for the TV continuation of the Child's Play series, a movie theater, all while James Whale's Frankenstein plays on the big screen. After getting his hands on Chucky, literally, they're around his neck, Jake squeezes Chucky so hard that he begins to bleed from his eyes. He continues to press on the doll's neck so hard that the eyes then begin to bulge out and then pop out of the doll's tiny plastic head.

(As fans of the series know well, the longer Chucky is stuck inside the Good Guy doll then the more human he becomes, prompting blood from injuries)

When Jake crushes the neck of this Chucky and pops out his eyes it's a cathartic moment for the lead and the narrative of the show as a whole. Despite their being 70+ Chuckys on a truck headed to destinations unknown, that the lead Chucky who started this entire thing and attempted to corrupt Jake into killing his friends and family is the one he got to kill makes it a powerful moment.

Naturally some might disagree with our distinction here, but that the above death belonged to Chucky himself (perhaps only rivaled by the Chucky deaths in the first two Child's Play movies) that it carries weight in the narrative and also aired on cable television gives it a lot of points.

Chucky has already been renewed for season two with the entire first season premiering on Peacock on Wednesday, December 1.