Creep Star Mark Duplass Weighs in on Creep 3 Progress

While neither film received a major theatrical release, both Creep and Creep 2 earned big followings thanks to their debuts on streaming services, but star Mark Duplass revealed that getting a third film to happen is more difficult than anticipated. Both films were directed by Patrick Brice, who also starred alongside Duplass in the original film, but the star revealed that he felt the first sequel didn't live up to the potential of the concept, which is potentially what is preventing the pair from developing a third film in the series. Duplass also admitted that he takes responsibility for what he perceives to be Creep 2's shortcomings, with a third film requiring more effort on his part to surpass its predecessors.

"We had to almost kill ourselves to make [Creep 2] as good as it was. I appreciate how many people liked it but I do feel like it wasn’t as good as it could have been, if I’m being perfectly honest,” Duplass shared with IndieWire. “If we’re going to make a third one, it’d better be super inspired. We are trying and we are putting effort into it, but we are not good enough yet to make it worthwhile, so we are struggling. That’s really it.”

He added, "We’ve written it twice, and neither of those stories are good enough."

The original 2014 film focused on a cameraman (Brice) who accepted a Craiglist opportunity to document an expecting father's (Duplass) daily activities. As their day unfolds, the man's behavior becomes more bizarre, leaving audiences to wonder if he is eccentric or if this is all a grand plan to pull off something more devious. The duo returned to deliver Creep 2, with the film depicting another bizarre encounter.

One of the last updates offered on the project came from Brice last year, who had claimed he had found an idea they were excited about.

“[We] finally found an idea that we’re really excited about,” Brice shared with Something Ghoulish. “One of the things we want to keep true with these movies is that they’re… still small scale. Keeping that focus tight. Letting it be something that sort of orbits around Mark’s character. We’ve found something we’re really excited about. We’re still in the process of writing. I can say that.”

He added, “It’s a chance for us to do something I haven’t really seen in horror movies, let alone found footage movies.”

In this regard, it sounds as though there are a handful of promising concepts that the pair would like to pursue, but crafting the right script has proven difficult.


Stay tuned for details on a possible Creep 3.

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