Vintage Elvira Comics Being Released in New Collection

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark has dominated all corners of pop culture in the decades since she debuted, with Dynamite launching an Indiegogo for a project which aims to collect some of the character's vintage comics into one massive tome. After less than a day, the project has already surpassed its goal of $6,666, with fans who contribute to the campaign still having an opportunity to purchase the collection, bringing together some of the character's beloved adventures from the early '90s. Die-hard fans will also be able to support the campaign for deluxe versions of the omnibus, including hardcover and signed versions. You can head to the Indiegogo page now before the collection is scheduled to ship this fall.

"You know, people always ask me, 'Elvira, how can we see more of you?' Check out my comic book adventures!" Peterson shared in a statement. "You may never have seen these stories! Now you can binge these long-lost tales in one big, sexy graphic novel. In my book, more is always better!"

The Elvira Mistress of the Dark Classic Years Omnibus is the first volume kicking off reprinting the highly sought-after tales originally published by Claypool Comics. With this deluxe volume, fans can turn back the clock to 1993. Bill Clinton was president, Jurassic Park ruled the box office, and just like today, Elvira was her legendary horror host self.

elvira mistress of the dark comic book classic collection
(Photo: Dynamite Entertainment)

In these beloved adventures, Elvira must contend with teen werewolves, killer clowns, aliens, a high school reunion, pro wrestling, and more! Plus, special Halloween, Christmas, and Easter stories.

The book is available in paperback or hardcover and covers 26 issues, rounding out to a massive 600-page tome. And for a special surprise Dynamite is sneaking in extra bonuses amounting to .666 of an issue. That's right gals and ghouls, 26.666 comics in one massive book! Spooky!

A bountiful bevy of talented creators contributed to these adventures. Known for his love of the macabre and the flirty, Paul Dini of Batman fame lent his hand. While this first volume also compiles all of the plentiful pages written by Kurt Busiek (Avengers, Astro City). Claypool head honcho Richard Howell (Vision & the Scarlet Witch) and Frank Strom also contributed writing. While on the art side, Tom Simonton is beloved by Elvira fans for his early contributions to the series, as well as John Heebink. X-Men fans will thrill to the lines of Dave Cockrum on stories, and Dynamite's Vampirella fans will love to see Louis LaChance. Other stars inside include Dan Spiegle, Fred Hembeck, and Neil Vokes.

You can head to the Indiegogo page now before the collection is scheduled to ship this fall.


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