Get Out Producer Admits Jordan Peele Has No Plans for a Sequel

Fans of Jordan Peele's Academy Award winning movie Get Out were a little surprised to learn that a [...]

Fans of Jordan Peele's Academy Award winning movie Get Out were a little surprised to learn that a year after the film's release the director was reportedly considering a follow-up. Producer Jason Blum previously said in an interview that he thought Peele had been "flirting with the idea," but since then there's been no updates on it. After the movie's tremendous box office success, the film brought in $255 million worldwide off a $4.5 million budget, it wouldn't be too out of the ordinary for a sequel to happen but apparently it isn't. In a new interview, Blum reiterates that he'd be open to a sequel if Peele was interested, but that at the time the Oscar winning screenwriter isn't.

"That was wishful thinking," Blum told Observer in a new interview. "I think that was taken out of context. I think what I said and what I would still say is, I would love to make a Get Out sequel but we would only do it if Jordan wanted to do it and as far as I know, he has no intention of doing that."

For what it's worth, Blum's original comments weren't really taken out of context since what he said was pretty clear cut. Speaking with Variety, the producer said in June of 2018 (reiterating some of the same points): "If Jordan wants to do a sequel, I'll do it in a second, but it has to come from Jordan Peele. I think he's flirting with the idea." It's possible that fans misinterpreted this comment as "a sequel is definitely happening" when the producer didn't say that at all, but the deflection in Blum's latest comments are just as off the mark about what was said.

To add another wrinkle of confusion to the whole thing, Peele himself said in an interview that he would "seriously consider" doing a follow-up, citing a love for the universe and telling The Hollywood Reporter he felt there was "more story to tell." That interview did happen over two years ago at this point though, so Peele has seemingly changed his mind since then.

Since the release of Get Out, Peele debuted his second "social thriller" with 2019's US which managed to match his freshman feature at the worldwide box office almost exactly. Peele signed an exclusive deal with Universal Pictures last fall with his next two feature films from his Monkeypaw Production banner officially in development at the studio. The content of those movies is unknown at this time, but Peele has previously teased that he has three more movies in the same vein as Get Out and Us that he wants to produce.