Original Michael Myers Actor Reveals His 'Halloween' Sequel Cameo

The Halloween franchise is coming back to theaters this fall, and Jamie Lee Curtis isn't the only [...]

The Halloween franchise is coming back to theaters this fall, and Jamie Lee Curtis isn't the only actor from John Carpenter's 1978 classic set to make a return. Nick Castle, the actor who originally played The Shape, has revealed that he's appearing in a couple of different ways this time around.

While talking to Bloody-Disgusting about the upcoming 4K release of the original Halloween, Castle revealed that he has two distinct roles in the sequel.

"In the new one, if there's any interest in comparisons, I do all the ADR breathing for The Shape even though I'm only in it in a cameo," Castle said.

So, in addition to providing the breathing sounds for The Shape, Castle will also appear in one scene. The actor is set to show up as Michael Myers just one time early in the movie, the first time Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) sees The Shape. After that, James Jude Courtney takes over the mantle.

"I'm not sure this is done any other time in the movie, but the director asked me to tilt my head like one of the prominent things that fans remember in the first one," Castle said. "When he kills the kid in the kitchen and kind of admires his work. Hopefully that'll come through, especially to the fans of the first one."

Castle went on to talk about reuniting with Jamie Lee Curtis, 40 years after the duo filmed the first movie.

"Being on the set the first day, as a matter of fact she noticed me walking across the place where we were shooting and yelled at me, 'Castle!' ran over, gave me a big hug and said, 'Is this nuts or what?' That's how we addressed it in the crazy way that life works and the crazy way the motion picture business works, that's for sure," he said. "Not in the deep philosophical, psychological sense [but] the weight of how ridiculous it is. 40 years later we're still doing this work and it's somewhat of a mystery to us how this has sustained its interest in the fans."

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David Gordon Green's Halloween is set to hit theaters on October 19. The 4K anniversary edition of John Carpenter's original Halloween will be released on September 25.