The Haunted Road Drive-Thru Attraction Releases Teaser

This year's Halloween will certainly be a different experience from what many of us were anticipating, as the coronavirus pandemic has seen a number of anticipated events either entirely cancelled or enacting extreme measures to ensure the safety of fans, though the upcoming The Haunted Road experience in Orlando, Florida aims to deliver fans not only a horrifying experience, but also an entirely safe journey, which has released the above trailer. The event will be fully immersive and able to be enjoyed from the comfort of your own car, while also providing the level of thrills normally reserved for haunted houses that guests walk through. You can head to The Haunted Road's official website for more details ahead of its launch on September 25th.

The experience was previously described, "The original storyline presents familiar characters like you have never seen them before. As guests drive through each nightmarish scene, they’ll be immersed into a ghastly rendition of an untold story of Rapunzel as she journeys into a world of disarray, faces bloodcurdling creatures – and hundreds of shocking scares."

There will also be select dates and times in which there will be a family-friendly version of the experience, offering a slightly tamer depiction of the narrative.

“With the arts and entertainment industry at a standstill, and an increasing need to find new, safe outdoor entertainment, we knew it was the perfect time to develop a unique Halloween experience so everyone can enjoy a dose of horror this upcoming Halloween season, from the comfort of their car,” Jessica Mariko, executive producer and creative principal for The Haunted Road, shared in a statement.

This event will surely excite horror fans, especially given the number of issues the current pandemic has caused for traditional holiday festivities.

One of the biggest disappointments of the year, especially for Orlando residents, was Universal Studios confirming that its annual Halloween Horror nights event would be cancelled, a decision made all the more disappointing with this year being the 30th anniversary of the event. While horror fans were devastated by this news, Universal Studios recently confirmed that, having been functioning at a limited capacity in recent weeks, they would be making two of their haunted mazes available for guests, which will somewhat satiate horror fanatics looking for a frightful fix.


You can head to The Haunted Road's official website for more details, with the endeavor launching a Kickstarter campaign in the near future.

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