Jordan Peele's Next Movie Gets Release Date

In just six years, Jordan Peele has cemented himself as one of the most unique directors in Hollywood. The sketch comedy star broke onto the scene in 2017 with Get Out, a critically-acclaimed psychological horror film that racked up 88 wins across its 218 nominations that award season. Get Out's Best Picture and Best Director nominations put Peele in rare company, as only a handful of filmmakers have received such illustrious nods for their first projects. Peele's momentum continued with 2019's Us and this past summer's Nope, two original major motion-pictures that earned a combined $427 million at the worldwide box office.

Peele's directing endeavors will continue next winter. Universal Pictures has set December 25th, 2024 as the release date for Peele's next film. The mystery movie is currently untitled.

The last quarter of 2024 will be a busy one for Peele, as his Monkeypaw Productions team will also drop an untitled horror/thriller three months earlier, on September 27th, 2024. That theatrical release's details are currently unknown.

From a speculatory standpoint, this fourth film could be set during the holidays given its Christmastime release date. That said, Christmas is typically a sought-after release date regardless of genre, as big projects like The Wolf of Wall Street and Lord of the Rings: Return of the King have dropped on Christmas Day in years past. The past two Decembers have been home to two of the highest-grossing movies of all time in the form of Spider-Man: No Way Home and Avatar: The Way of Water.

As for what this film's story could revolve around, Peele did tease that cut Nope character "Nobody" is a character he intends to revisit one day.

"The story of that character has yet to be told, I can tell you that," Peele said last summer. "Which is another frustrating way of saying, I'm glad people are paying attention. I do think they will get more answers on some of these things in the future. We're not over telling all of these stories."

Jordan Peele's fourth directorial film hits theaters on December 25th, 2024.