Listen to an Exclusive Track from Limetown's Original Soundtrack

The true-crime genre has hit a bit of a zenith in recent years, with countless movies, television shows, and podcasts hunting for the truth behind heinous crimes. One fictionalized version of that that audiences got to experience earlier this year was Limetown, a limited series available exclusively through Facebook Watch. The series, which stars Jessica Biel as a woman hunting for the truth behind a mysterious research facility, had a bone-chilling effect on audiences when it was released earlier this year, thanks in part to its soundtrack from composer Ronit Kirchman. Now that the ten-episode series is available in its entirety, Lakeshore Records is officially releasing a soundtrack for Limetown -- and they've provided us with an exclusive track, which you can listen to above. The track, which is appropriately titled "Limetown", provides an indication of what listeners can expect in the score.

"Even though Limetown plays as a thriller, it also creates a believable reality similar to ours with all of the complexity one might find – love, gentleness, curiosity, and hope, as well as dissociation, horror, dread, and menace," Kirchman, whose work also includes The Sinner and Now You See Me, said in a statement. "It comes to life through nuanced and powerful performances from Jessica Biel, Stanley Tucci, Kelly Jenrette, John Beasley, Janet Kidder, and many others. Since Limetown originated as a podcast, the series also offers a great opportunity for sonic innovation. When I was asked to join the Limetown team, it was an easy 'yes.'"

"Limetown is filled with resonant themes that I loved working with as a composer," Kirchman added. "What happens to empathy as we humans continue to push the boundaries of technology? What happens to cruelty? The technology amplifies all of our core human struggles. In certain places, the score quite literally represents the imagined sonic measurements of human and animal emotion. The ambitious scope of Limetown's ideas allowed me to incorporate a wide musical palette, ranging from machine sounds and modulations to heartfelt melody, to the sounds of the orchestra unleashed in a new way. I hope that the score provides you with a sonic journey through all of the fascinating and often disturbing spaces of Limetown."

Limetown opens on the titular research facility in rural Tennessee, where 326 men, women, and children suddenly vanished a decade before. The series tells the story of Lia Haddock (Biel), an investigative journalist who has spent most of her adult life searching for answers about the mystery and being genuinely surprised by what she finds.


All ten episodes of Limetown are currently available to stream on Facebook Watch. Limetown's original series soundtrack will be available to stream and purchase on all digital music platforms beginning Friday, December 6th.