M3GAN Sequel Titled M3GAN 2.0, Release Date Announced

The M3GAN sequel has an official title and release date. "M3GAN 2.0" now has a release date of January 17, 2025, with screenwriter Akela Cooper confirmed to be returning to write M3GAN 2 as well. In addition, M3GAN stars Allison Williams and Violet McGraw will also be back as Gemma and her niece Cady (respectively), who became a surrogate family after Cady's parents (Gemma's sister) died in a horrific car crash, with the M3GAN robot becoming Cady's ill-fated method of getting over her grief. 

Allison Williams is also reportedly upgrading her role behind the scenes, going from executive producer of the first M3GAN movie to full-on producer on the second film alongside Jason Blum (Blumhouse) and James Wan (Atomic Monster). M3GAN Director Gerard Johnstone is reportedly not yet locked to return for the sequel, but THR's sources say producers are hoping to make a deal to break him back again. 

M3GAN was released in theaters on January 6th and has since gone on to earn $95.3 million. While that number may seem lower than what most consider the bottom threshold for a blockbuster movie ($100 million), M3GAN was made on a budget of just $12 million and has been successful as a franchise starter. Both Jason Blum and James Wan are experts at spending low to build big horror franchises, from The Conjuring and its spinoffs (Annabelle) to Insidious, The Purge, Paranormal Activity, and so many notable horror films in between (Sinister, Malicious, Happy Death Day, Ouija, Oculus, etc.). M3GAN is a perfect horror icon for the new digital era, freaking everyone from teens to parents out with its nightmare vision of technology and commodity running amok in the lives of modern kids. 


Jason Blum has admitted to breaking his usual rule in fast-tracking M3GAN 2.0: "After I first saw the movie, we had a good sense that a sequel might really work. So, we broke our cardinal rule and we started talking about a sequel before the movie was released," Blum said to Variety. "I felt so bullish that we started entertaining a sequel earlier than we usually do."

SYNOPSIS: When Gemma suddenly becomes the caretaker of her orphaned 8-year-old niece, Cady, Gemma's unsure and unprepared to be a parent. Under intense pressure at work, Gemma decides to pair her M3GAN prototype with Cady in an attempt to resolve both problems-a decision that will have unimaginable consequences.

M3GAN 2.0 has a release date of January 17, 2025.