'Mr. Mercedes' Star Discusses the Possibility of Her Character Becoming a Killer

The first season of Mr. Mercedes culminated with Breeda Wool's Lou Linklatter being betrayed by [...]

The first season of Mr. Mercedes culminated with Breeda Wool's Lou Linklatter being betrayed by the person closest to her, Brady Hartsfield, stabbing her in the stomach to near-fatal consequences. Given how emotionally close the two were and how many similarities they had in their upbringing, audiences wonder if Lou has the capacity to kill, just like Brady could, with this violent incident possibly pushing her past her breaking point.

"One person that grows up in an abusive background where they don't have a lot of opportunities for growth, they don't have a lot of opportunities to express themselves, why does one person commit to harm people and another person not?" Wool pondered with ComicBook.com. "What are the multitude of butterfly effect factors that come down to a person making a single decision like hurting people?"

She continued, "Honestly it's a very interesting story because we have a lot of young White men in our society right now committing serious random acts of extreme violence on people they hardly know or completely don't know. In the last several years we've seen this type of terrorism. I think it is something we should look at and really find out what prevents one person from walking that road and another person not?"

The similarities between their characters go so deep into their history, Wool couldn't help but wonder if it was merely Lou's gender that was a deciding factor in the two characters' outlooks on life.

"I like to think that it's the feminine, to some degree. I think in Season Two, whether you see it or not, that was where a lot of topics that I was exploring. It's the person who is a mirror of me in this story," Wool pointed out. "Brady Hartsfield and I have similar backgrounds. We work in the same place. We bonded. We were legitimate friends, if Brady Hartsfield had any friends. I was his legitimate friend. He never expressed, I like to think that, if he hadn't stabbed me, what would have happened? When we meet in the alleyway at the end of Season One, what if he hadn't stabbed me? What if he had said, 'Hi Lou. Will you help me?'"

Sadly for Lou, she never got to be there for Brady in a way that could have spared her physical and emotional trauma, elements which Season Two of the series will explore.

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