UPDATE: New Paranormal Activity Could Be Targeting 2023 Release

UPDATE: Following Variety's claims that an eighth film is aiming for a 2023 release, creator Oren Peli seemingly shot down such rumors. The filmmaker took to Twitter to share, "Paranormal Activity fans: there are stories coming out about sequels in the works. Those are listed on IMDB as Paranormal Activity 8, remake, etc. Those are not real sequels. We have nothing to do with them, and do not know these people who claim to be making these films." He didn't however, shoot down the idea entirely that a new film is eyeing a 2023 release, merely that whatever is on IMDb is inaccurate. Original story continues below.

The Paranormal Activity franchise returned last year with Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin on Paramount+, with Variety recently claiming that the eighth entry in the series is aiming for a 2023 release date. At the franchise's height of popularity, sequels were landing in theaters on an annual basis, so it's unclear if the wheels are already in motion for what that next installment will be or if the studio merely hopes to develop the next film in 2023, regardless of its current status. While Next of Kin skipped theaters and went straight to Paramount+, it's unclear if the next installment will explore a similar release strategy.

The first film in the series focused on a couple who began to record strange events around their home after they felt that they were being targeted by supernatural forces, with a majority of the follow-up films all connecting to this overall mythology. Next of Kin attempted to revive the concept without drawing direct connections to its predecessors, allowing it to serve almost as a reboot of the concept for a new generation

The ambiguity of Variety's remarks leaves fans to wonder if the upcoming installment will connect to the original mythology, Next of Kin, or potentially bridge the gap between those narratives. While Paranormal Activity was previously a flagship of Blumhouse Productions, audiences shouldn't expect producer Jason Blum to return to the series.

"It has been enough already. That last Paranormal Activity movie was terrible," Blum shared with the outlet. "With Halloween, we only had the rights to three movies, so we said: 'Halloween Ends'! It ends for Blumhouse, at least. With other things, you just have this feeling it's time to put them to bed. It would come back if some director I love, like Scott Derrickson, said: 'I have a great idea for a Paranormal Activity movie. But it's not something I want to do [at the moment]."

Also up for speculation is whether the series could make a theatrical return. Between the debut of various new streaming platforms and the coronavirus pandemic limiting box-office potential, multiple projects debuted on streaming services that might have normally landed in theaters over the last two years. With streaming service HBO Max scrapping a number of highly anticipated projects entirely, fans have been wondering if other streamers will follow suit and put more movies in theaters. 

Stay tuned for details on the Paranormal Activity franchise.

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