A Quiet Place Part 2 Star Has "Serious Concerns" About Her Character in Potential Sequel

As if the stakes weren't already high enough in the context of the A Quiet Place movies, the [...]

As if the stakes weren't already high enough in the context of the A Quiet Place movies, the sequel to the 2018 film released earlier this year really took things up a notch. Giant killer aliens is one thing to worry about but then A Quiet Place Part II throws in things like hidden bear traps and a trapper cult that live on a dock. Though it's unclear if a third film in the series will take place (a spinoff movie set in the same world has been ordered but which is not a direct follow-up) but if it does the cast is worried about what might happen to their characters.

"I definitely thought, 'What might happen to myself or maybe another character?"
Millicent Simmonds who plays Regan Abbott revealed to Metro.co.uk. "We even thought, 'What could be worse than a bear trap?' So yes, I definitely have serious concerns about a third...It's funny because Emily Blunt, Noah Jupe and I actually had several in depth discussions about what we thought might happen, or what could be, and there was a lot of joking that went along with that."

Simmonds also noted that she hadn't "heard anything" about A Quiet Place Part III following what's left of the Abbott family, or even what the proposed spinoff movie might be about.

The first film in the A Quiet Place series was a surprise hit for the studio when it was released, bringing in over $180 million at the domestic box office and $334 million at the global box office. A sequel, this year's Part II, was quickly greenlit and was one of the first films to be delayed by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, its release date originally set for March 20, 2020 landed right as major lockdowns began to occur in the United States, prompting a series of delays for the film.

A Quiet Place Part II finally debuted Memorial Day weekend of 2021 and quickly set a box office record at the time. For its opening weekend Part II brought in $47 million domestically, just a hair under the original film's opening, cementing the popularity of the series with audiences pretty firmly. Its success put the upcoming spinoff movie quickly into development. Take Shelter and Midnight Special filmmaker Jeff Nichols has written and will direct the movie which will arrive in theaters on March 31, 2023, just over five years after the first film's debut.