Servant Stars Talk the Twisted Experiences of Season 3

In the first two seasons of Apple TV+'s Servant, Toby Kebbell's Sean and Rupert Grint's Julian served as the voices of "reason" when it came to Dorothy thinking that her dead son is actually alive and well, first with a doll and then with a different baby entirely, but their characters aren't without their own complications, as Sean has a passion for celebrity and Julian battles with substance abuse. While it's clear that these characters do care about Dorothy, audiences can't help but wonder how much longer they will commit to the delusion before attempting to bring her back to reality. Season 3 of Servant debuts on Apple TV+ on January 21, 2022.

"I think I've reached a finality of that journey in this season. He goes all the way from 'can't believe this absolute nonsense,' total disbeliever to, 'Well, maybe this is, and maybe it could be...' and, as we journey through the third season, that doesn't really have the same gel that he hoped it would," Kebbell confirmed with about his character's devotion. "So I hope it becomes a conversation. I don't think he's lying about how much he loves his wife and how much he wants his family back. But I think he is lying about how angry he is at her for the mistake, and that he's not allowed to be angry about that mistake and that's eating him up inside, so I think some success on cooking and a little bit of maybe the show and things coming his way is not going to fold out the way we always hope it will. It'll actually make him probably look at it, but I think he genuinely does love her and adjusted himself for her. I think this season actually opens up some avenues for Sean to really look at who he honestly is."

Three months after we leave the Turner household in Season 2, things appear to be back to normal. Dorothy and Sean dote on Jericho, Julian has a new girlfriend, and Leanne has moved back into the brownstone. With the threat of the cult looming and suspicious visitors staked out in a nearby park, Leanne does everything she can to feel secure -- ultimately causing more chaos for the Turner family. As Sean starts trusting in Leanne's power, Dorothy feels increasingly threatened and worries for Jericho's safety. While the Turners struggle to keep their family whole, they must come to terms with the costs of Jericho's return. Be careful what you wish for.

While Apple TV+ might not have the same household recognition as other streaming services, the work on Servant isn't going unnoticed, with the likes of Stephen King and Guillermo del Toro both singing its praises. Grint noted that, while it's encouraging to hear, the material itself is compelling enough to fulfill him as opposed to the acclaim he earns.

"it's amazing to hear that. It's not something I've ever really ... I love this show. I think it's a really unique show and I've always been a huge fan of [producer M. Night Shyamalan]," Grint pointed out. "I think he was the main draw for me coming into this and I think it's just a really interesting place to have a show like this. I mean, it's just one location. In this season, we leave the house a bit more, but it's a very intimate space and this very tragic subject. We're orbiting around this horrific incident, for me, it's just a fascinating show and it's been great." 

He continued, "I mean, with [Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films], I did a lot with a long period of time developing a character. It's something that I really enjoy. I think it's been four or five years doing this, so it really feels like I'm getting to know this character and it's been great, great fun."

Season 3 of Servant premieres on Apple TV+ on January 21, 2022.

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