'Stranger Things' Creators Reveal Dart's Ultimate Fate

WARNING: Major Spoilers ahead for the second season of Stranger Things! Continue reading at your own risk...

While no Stranger Things fan ever thought they'd feel upset over the death of a demigorgan - Sorry, Demidog - the recently released second season proved everyone wrong. Dustin found a small creature in a trash can early in the season and bonded with it, feeding it Three Musketeers bars and naming it Dart. Unfortunately, that little creature grew into a terrifying demigorgan and threatened the lives of everyone in Hawkins.

During the finale, Dart confronted Dustin and the others, but they were able to get past him because of the bond they shared. The story still ended with tears, as closing the gate and saving the town meant that all of the creatures connected to the hive were killed, including Dart.

For those holding out hope that Dart could still be around in future seasons, you might not want to hold your breath. While speaking with Cinemablend, co-creator Ross Duffer confirmed that Dart is definitely gone.

"I would say Dart has unfortunately perished," Duffer proclaimed. "Once the gate gets closed, he's cut off and so he died by his beloved Three Musketeers Bar."

Throughout the entire season, the other kids got mad at Dustin for showing kindness to Dart, knowing that he was probably dangerous. However, according to Duffer, Dustin's love ended up saving everyone in the end.

"I think he is naive about it, but in th end I like to say this: His being friendly to this thing, instead of trying to kill it, ends up saving the kids at the very end. So that generosity ends up saving the day."


All nine episodes of Stranger Things 2 are currently streaming on Netflix.