David Harbour Addresses Craziest 'Stranger Things' Fan Theories

Stranger Things is currently filming its third season and, while we've gotten a lot of information [...]

Stranger Things is currently filming its third season and, while we've gotten a lot of information about the series' mysterious narrative, there are still many unanswered questions fans will have to wait to learn more about. David Harbour recently browsed through some popular fan theories on Reddit to share his insight on the conjectures. Check out his reactions in the video above.

The theories focused on a number of topics, which included time travel, the origins of the Demogorgon, and connections to Parks and Recreation. Harbour was completely candid in responding to many of these theories, both in outright refuting some concepts while admitting which ones seem believable.

While it might not be as fantastical, one of the biggest theories is that an upcoming season could feature a romantic relationship between Harbour's Hopper and Winona Ryder's Joyce. Even the show's cast has theories that the two will end up in a relationship together.

"Listen, I would love for them to get together. Jopper is like my inspiration in life," star Millie Bobby Brown shared with Variety about fans creating a fictional relationship between the two characters.

Given the number of young stars on the show, Brown detailed that Harbour and Ryder have become surrogate parents, which explains why the young star might be interested in seeing them get together.

"Winona Ryder and David Harbor are like my parents," she added. "On set, they're like, 'Stop running, what are you eating, why are you eating that?' David is like, 'Another boy?' And in the show, if they rekindle, that means Will and Eleven will be step-siblings. I would love that because Noah [Schnapp] is my boy best friend."

Brown and the fans aren't the only ones buying into this theory, as even Harbour himself hopes it's one theory that pays off.

"There may be other people in the mix in this situation, but I think they're built for each other and I would love to see them get together," Harbour admitted to Variety. "From the very beginning, I thought that these are two tortured, messed up, beautiful people who are like puzzle pieces that can't stand each other but actually need each other."

Various sources related the show have offered that the show will likely run for four seasons, possibly five, and will come to an organic conclusion. With the third season debuting next year on Netflix, we'll likely get plenty of answers on the way to the show's finale.

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