Stranger Things: Spotify Launches Playlist to Help Fans Find Their Song to Defeat Vecna

A key component of Stranger Things Season 4 – Volume 1 was that Max (Sadie Sink) managed to escape Vecna thanks to her friends helping her listen to Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)," resulting in fans all wondering what song would be their own personal salvation from the villain. Spotify, luckily, is helping audiences answer that question, as they launched a new playlist that is specifically tailored to each user based on their listening data that is full of all of their most-listened-to tracks. Head to Spotify to check out your playlist and catch Stranger Things Season 4 – Volume 2 when it hits Netflix on July 1st.

"Wanna know what songs would save YOU from Vecna? Head to your Upside Down Playlist on Spotify to find out. 🎧 the first Song on the list = your savior song 🎧," the Stranger Things Twitter account shared.

With the series being set in the '80s, various elements of pop culture have been incorporated into the series in a variety of ways, often resulting in decades-old touchstones earning popularity among a new generation. Given how heavily this season has incorporated the Kate Bush song, it has risen to the top of a number of charts, besting its popularity from when it was originally released in 1985.

"It's just extraordinary. I mean, it's such a great series, I thought that the track would get some attention, but I never imagined that it would be anything like this," Bush shared with BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour earlier this month. "It's so exciting. It's quite shocking really, isn't it? The whole world's gone mad ... What's really wonderful is that this is a whole new audience who in a lot of cases haven't heard of me, and I love that. The thought of all these young people hearing this song for the first time and discovering it, well, I think it's very special."

Bush added, "I think they put it in a really special place. I thought, 'What a lovely way for ["Running Up That Hill"] to be used,' in such a positive way. As a kind of talisman almost, for Max. I think it's really touching, really."

Check out the final two episodes of Stranger Things Season 4 when they premiere on July 1st.

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