The Crow Reboot Headed to Cannes Market

The Crow reboot is headed to the Cannes Market with the help of FilmNation Entertainment. Deadline reports that It star Bill Skarsgard will be playing Eric Draven. As far as directing goes, Rupert Sanders of Ghost in the Shell and Snow White and the Huntsman fame is attached. Zach Baylin wrote the script for this project and is coming off a massive showing with King Richard, which helped Will Smith secure an Oscar. Interestingly, for all the music fans in the house, FKA twigs will be starring as well. The Crow is a modern interpretation of the beloved James O'Barr graphic novel. Some concern exists among longtime fans that this movie will largely be flying the same skies that the 1994 movie did. However, when something that already has a fanbase announces a new project, there will always be palpable excitement. This is an economic play for the parties involved as the rumored budget for the movie is said to be set at around $50 million. had the chance to speak with Corin Hardy, who had been previously tabbed for a reboot of The Crow with Jason Momoa. "It's a story that I'm just in love with and wedded towards and I put three and a half, four years of life into and love and blood and sweat and tears, and I have a ton of materials, so I don't know whether one day ... I suppose I'm not really wanting to show them because I still believe there will be a Crow sometime, but we'll see," Hardy previously told 

He continued, "I do think both James O'Barr's original Crow graphic novel and the subsequent other iterations of that character in the comic books, there's no reason not to do a lot more with that character, the concept of The Crow, the mythology of The Crow, and the tone and what that represents is still unique within the world we're in at the moment."

"It started a few years ago, I suppose, when I was working on my version of The Crow, [creator] Gareth [Evans] and I had become mutual friends online through mutual, I suppose, admiration of each other's work and lovers of genre. I think you gravitate together," Hardy clarified. "You can know when someone's a true lover of certain movies that you also feel the same about, and that's what makes us come together, in a way." 

"I wanted to pick his brains because I thought if I'm gonna do The Crow, we need to really balance a certain level of action and Gareth established himself as a master of that," the creator continued. "He asked me about a show he was putting together called 'Gangs of London,' if I'd be able to do it, and eventually, I became available and got involved and did what I thought was an episode that became three that became four, and now I'm still making Season 2. It's become my life, which is unexpected, but I'm getting a thrill out of it."

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