The Goldbergs Halloween Episode to Feature Elvira as Guest Star

Few things defined the world of '80s horror quite like Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, so with The Goldbergs set to unveil an all-new episode that honors Halloween, it only makes perfect sense that Elvira herself would be dropping by the sitcom to make a guest appearance. Elvira wouldn't be the first genre star to drop by the sitcom, which previously saw A Nightmare on Elm Street actor Robert Englund reprising his role of Freddy Krueger for a Halloween-themed episode, putting Elvira in good company. The new episode is set to premiere on ABC on Wednesday, October 27th at 8:30 p.m. ET.

The episode, entitled "The Hunt for the Great Albino Pumpkin," is described, "Missing his Pops, Adam finds himself disenchanted with his once favorite time of year, Halloween. Beverly tirelessly tries to resurrect Adam's Halloween spirit from the dead, encouraging Pop Pop (Judd Hirsch) to spend some quality time with his grandson. A night of mishaps and chaos turns out to be just the adventure Adam needs. Meanwhile, with the push and support from Joanne, Barry decides to bring his former alter ego, rapper 'Big Tasty,' back to life; and a chance encounter with the legendary Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, brings Barry and Joanne closer together."

This is only the latest exciting development for Elvira fans, with this whole year seeing a variety of updates for the iconic horror host, thanks to this being her 40th anniversary. Creator Cassandra Peterson has already delivered fans her memoirs, which kicked off a variety of appearances and special events.

Back in September, Elvira returned to the world of horror hosting on Shudder, as she delivered a four-movie special featuring her signature wit and wisdom, along with her playful insults of the films highlighted. Festivities have been continuing throughout the month with Elvira's partnership with Netflix, as she has taken over their social accounts every Sunday in October to offer fans recommendations of what horror films to watch in preparation for Halloween.

Even more Elvira content could be on the way, as Peterson previously revealed she was working on a third film for the Mistress of the Dark.

"My movie that I'm working on now, it's kind of like what happens to Elvira after Mistress of the Dark ends," Peterson confirmed to back in 2019. "My second movie, Haunted Hills, was going off on a whole different tangent. Just because I was so in love with the old Roger Corman movies growing up as a kid, and I wanted to make another one, it was based on that."

She added, "This one that I'm working on I really love because it's like where did Elvira go after she ended up in Las Vegas? Then what'd she do? Did it work out? Did she stay there? That's where this one picks up."

Check out Elvira's appearance on The Goldbergs on Wednesday, October 27th at 8:30 p.m. ET.

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