New The Lost Boys Movie Being Developed With IT and A Quiet Place Stars

The original 1987 The Lost Boys from director Joel Schumacher is considered to not only be a seminal film for the vampire subgenre, but also a defining film of that decade, due to the style, stars, and soundtrack, with Warner Bros. moving forward with a remake of the film starring A Quiet Place's Noah Jupe and IT's Jaeden Martell. The new film is described as being a "reimagining" and will be written by Static Shock's Randy McKinnon and directed by I Am Not Okay With This's Jonathan Entwistle. The film doesn't currently have a release date. 

The Hollywood Reporter describes the plot of the original film as a "horror-comedy that told of two brothers who, along with their newly divorced mother to a California beach town that, the pair soon discovers, is being terrorized by a stylish vampire biker gang. Also taking bites from scenes were a pair of comic book-loving brothers who thought themselves as vampire hunters."

The original film starred Jason Patric, Kiefer Sutherland, Jami Gertz, Corey Haim, and Corey Feldman, all of which would go on to have successful careers. The film would earn two direct-to-video sequels with Lost Boys: The Tribe and Lost Boys: The Thirst.

Longtime fans of the franchise will surely wonder what this means for The Lost Boys TV series that has been in development for years. That project has gone through a number of changes at The CW, not only with its narrative but also with attached filmmakers.

One of the last updates about the project came last summer from musician G Tom Mac, also known as Gerard McMahon, who contributed the iconic "Cry Little Sister" song to the original film's soundtrack.

"I'm sure it's gonna be torn down by the hardcore fans; there's just no way that this show can win," Mac shared with SYFY WIRE. "But it wasn't designed for the hardcore fans. It was basically trying to keep the essence of what the film projected ... It's a reimagining and it's an adaptation of the film because all the characters are in place."

Stay tuned for details on this new reimagining of The Lost Boys as well as the potential TV series at The CW.

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