Realm Launches Chilling New Podcast Undertow: Blood Forest

With October in full swing, horror fans are looking to get into the spirit of the spooky season however they can, and while some might turn to unsettling movie or TV adventures, Realm has unveiled an all-new season of its disturbing podcast Undertow, entitled "Blood Forest." This new season explores the supernatural horrors and murders that occur in a small town nearly every two decades, which is just long enough for residents of a small town to forget, keeping the frightening legacy from ever being discovered. The first three episodes of Undertow: Blood Forest are out now and new episodes premiere every Friday.

Per press release, "Award-winning indie audio pioneer and Realm's Head of Audio Fred Greenhalgh conceived The Undertow universe as a wickedly warped version of Maine. Blood Forest is set in Langeley, a small town with a secret history. Every eighteen years, there's a killing spree, the victims mutilated and torn apart. With each cycle, the residents seem to forget the grisly deaths, or at least try to, forcing each generation to experience the evil anew.

"Veteran Frank (Jack Falahee) arrives in town looking to make peace with the death of his friend and fellow marine Remy, by looking after Remy's blind teenage cousin, Eva (Bree Klauser), and their ailing grandmother, Marie. But neither Frank nor Eva know about the town's blood-soaked past, or that the mysterious cycle of murders is about to start all over again. What this cycle reveals will threaten Frank's sanity and the town's very survival: werewolves are real, and they've been hiding in Langeley for generations. Plus, Frank's one chance to defeat the evil may lie with Eva, whose family has a connection with the werewolf curse that will reshape her entire world."

(Photo: Realm)

Greenhalgh shared, "I've been fascinated with werewolf lore and exploring the dichotomy of humans at war with their more base, animal instincts. Werewolves are an especially wonderful monster for audio drama due to -- well, obvious reasons. This is a character-driven horror thriller that's going to leave audiences hungry for more."

Falahee added, "It was a blast to collaborate with Realm on Blood Forest. I was such a fan of their podcasts already -- they take you into immersive worlds where one moment you're in a graveyard and another you're in a werewolf fever dream. I am excited for audiences to join this wild journey full of dark magic."

Undertow: Blood Forest episodes release weekly on all podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher, 3 episodes will also be available in full and ad-free on premiere day for subscribers to Realm+ and Realm Unlimited. 

Blood Forest was created by Fred Greenhalgh and written by Emma J. Gibbon, Robert LeBlanc, Shawn French, Morgan Sylvia, and Fred Greenhalgh. Produced by Fred Greenhalgh, Marco Palmieri, and Hayley Wagreich. Executive produced by Molly Barton, Julian Yap, Marci Wiseman, and Jack Falahee.

Starring Jack Falahee, Bree Klauser, Lynn Milgrim, Katie Chonacas, Jennifer Mccabe, Edward Astor Chin, Daniel Bonjour, Mattie Mariposa, David Clennon, Keena Ferguson, Ilyssa Fradin, Tony Aidan Vo, Tatum Shae Chiniquy, Jacob Farry, Ryann Redmond, Erica Everett, Ashlyn Pearce, Igor Hiller, Courtney Lin, Ali Ryan, Suzana Norberg, Moira Driscoll, Erika Longo, Crystal Porter Bazemore, Jade Ramirez, Ryan Kitley, Shaun Broyls, Joey Palestina, Richard Doyle, Erik Moody, Ned Donovan, Leif Riddell, Frank Ridley, and Jason Grasl. Production Management by Angela Yih. Audio Editing by Cory Barton. Sound design, mixing, and mastering by Rory O'Shea. Original music by Marcus Bagala. Additional music by WestOne. Music Editor: Sam Bagala. Casting by Sunday Boling and Meg Morman. Cover art by Kyndal Thomas. Executive in Charge for Realm: Mary Assadullahi. Find more shows like Blood Forest by following Realm on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or at

Undertow: Blood Forest is out now wherever you get your podcasts.

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