Yellowjackets: 1990s Cast Wraps Production on Season 2

The long-awaited second season of Showtime's Yellowjackets is finally debuting next month, and a trailer for the season was recently released. The show's second season is still in production, but it was revealed yesterday that the actors who play the younger versions of the characters in the 1990s have wrapped filming. Samantha Hanratty (young Misty) shared a photo from the set on Instagram and Melanie Lynskey (adult Shauna) shared a heartfelt post for her younger castmates.

"Last day on set of season 2! Extremely grateful to the incredible crew of @yellowjackets 🖤 so much hard work went into this season and I can't wait for you all to see it! Buzz buzz buzz baby," Hanratty captioned her post. You can check it out below:

"Sorry to be sappy but the 90s cast of Yellowjackets wrapped yesterday and we all sat and watched episode 201 together... and other than my siblings, I have never felt this level of pride and respect and adoration for a group of people. I can't believe their talent and their hearts," Lynskey wrote on Twitter. "Thank you Sophie [Nélisse] & Sophie [Thatcher] & Samantha [Hanratty] & Jasmin [Savoy Brown] & Courtney [Eaton] & Liv [Hewspm] & Steven [Kruger] & Kevin [Alves] & Alexa [Barajas] & Luciano [Leroux] & Nia [Sondaya] & Mya [Lowe] & Nuha [Jes Izman] & Jenna [Burgess] and everyone else for your hard work and your brilliance and the love I feel from all of you." You can view her post below:

Will Yellowjackets Get a Season 3?

It was announced in December that Showtime has already renewed Yellowjackets for a third season which hopefully means the show's creatoes will get to finish out its five-season plan. Previously, Deadline shared the news of the early Season 3 renewal exactly one year after the early Season 2 renewal. 

"With Yellowjackets' runaway success in Season 1 and the pent-up anticipation for Season 2, we wanted to maximize the momentum by fast-tracking Season 3 now," Chris McCarthy, President/CEO of Showtime and Paramount Media Networks, explained. "The show's ambition is only exceeded by its execution, and I thank the incredible creative team behind it, including Ashley, Bart, Jonathan, eOne, and the Showtime team, for turning this into such a success." The Season 3 renewal "demonstrates our strong commitment to the show and its ability to continue to grow as well as how it fits clearly within a Showtime brand," McCarthy added.

Yellowjackets returns to Showtime on March 24th.