Realistic Skulls for Cartoon Characters Will Change How You Look at Spongebob and Goofy

Cartoon characters quickly become beloved icons to children everywhere, and the joy they create is [...]

Cartoon characters quickly become beloved icons to children everywhere, and the joy they create is truly indelible, even when we grow into adulthood. Or so we thought. A new gallery of 3D illustrations by artist Filip Hodas (aka "Hoodass") offers animation fans a look at what some of their favorite cartoon characters would look as real-life skulls on display in a Body Works-style museum exhibit. It's a borderline interesting/morose exercise that you don't see everyday - but in a couple of cases, it's also way more than we ever asked for! Just take a look at the illustrations of Goofy and SpongeBob and you'll see just what we mean!

The Goofy illustration looks like it could be a fossil in a real-life dinosaur exhibit, with the long snout, and sharp teeth. It really makes you think about what kind of animal Goofy is; he's a dog, but he certainly doesn't look quite like it. If you only saw his skull, you might even think he was some kind of ferocious beast - rather than someone who totally embodies the named "Goofy."

The SpongeBob illustration is a lot more terrifying. The skull shape alone is unnerving, but the porous "skin" of the sponge looks especially gross on the skeletal frame. The real body horror of all this, however, are all the deep-sea growths that are embedded in SpongeBob's skin. The skull illustration makes SpongeBob look like one of those undead pirates enslaved to Davy Jones, in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean films trilogy. Like no joke, if this version of SpongeBob was still alive, he would look like the stuff of nightmares.

Some other create 3D skull illustrations on that will haunt your dreams tonight on the Hoodass page include Minnie Mouse's Predator-style skull, Popeye's testicle-shaped chinbone, and a version of Tweety Bird that looks like Sylvester just sucked the meat right off his bones, just a moment ago.

Go HERE for the full Hoodass Gallery.