Blake Lively "Swipes Right" on Trainer to Troll Husband Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynoldsmarriage works largely on the basis of trolling. The actress decided to get a hilarious Instagram joke off with her husband’s trainer. Don Saladino gets Reynolds in tip-top shape for his roles and looks every bit the part. So, Lively decided to tease the Deadpool star after he shouted out Saladino on his Stories. She joked that she would definitely swipe right on the trainer and wrote, “@vancityreynolds I keep swiping right. This isn't working," adding, "Oh…swipe UP." People obviously get a kick out of the gentle ribbing that goes on between the couple and this was no different.

Last August, Reynolds celebrated Lively’s 32nd birthday with a series of mortifyingly unflattering photos on his Instagram. He just decided to caption them, “Happy Birthday, @blakelively.” That kind of back and forth is kind of the norm as he posted a picture of them both on the year before. The only problem was that he cropped her out of the image. But, turnabout is fair play as Lively posted a picture of Ryan Gosling and Reynolds standing together with some similar treatment for her husband. So, everyone is having a good time and that is just wonderful to see.

That fun-loving spirit has been a welcome distraction for people scrolling their feeds at home. But, Lively and Reynolds have also put their money where their mouths are. They announced a $1 million donation to food banks in America and Canada back in march. That money will ensure that older adults and low-income people will still have access to food during the pandemic.

"Covid-19 has brutally impacted older adults and low income families. Blake and I are donating $1 million to be split between Feeding America and Food Banks Canada," Reynolds shared on Instagram. "If you can give, these orgs need our help. Take care of your bodies and hearts. Leave room for joy. Call someone who's isolated and might need connection."

But, that isn’t all! The Deadpool star’s cell phone company has been helping people stay connected during the pandemic as well. Last month he offered Mint Mobile users free unlimited high-speed data for their accounts. He announced the change on Twitter and people were very appreciative.


“These last few days have thrown the world into an unprecedented moment of uncertainty where reliable communication is of the utmost importance,” the statement read. “As your communication provider, we feel it’s necessary to do something that could possibly help all of us navigate this tough time a little bit better. Starting 3-15-20 through 4-14-20, Mint Mobile will be providing all current and new customers with FREE unlimited high-speed data add-ons.”

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