Coors Light Launches "Hold My Coors" Collection

Summer is in full swing and after spending the past year dealing with the pandemic and some of the [...]

Summer is in full swing and after spending the past year dealing with the pandemic and some of the stranger things that came from it – including everything from a toilet paper shortage to lockdowns to murder hornets and more – it's time to just enjoy life getting back to something resembling normal and just chill. And now, Coors Light is launching a new merch collection designed to help you do just that. Coors Light has launched its new "Hold My Coors" collection featuring products that do literally what the name implies: hold your beer.

The new collection, which launches today, June 15th, includes six items all of which hold your beer. Those items are the House Plant Beer Holder for plant-parents who like to chill at home, Man's Best Friend Beer Jacket so your furry friend who follows you around can have you stocked at all times, Softball Mitt Beer Holder to cover all the bases for all post-game celebrations, Chill Master Grilling Apron for those who need free hands-on BBQ-duty, Beer Holder Hoodie for colder nights, and the Beer Holder for the Shower because who doesn't love a cold beer in the shower.

coors light hold my beer
(Photo: Molson Coors)

"Today, Coors Light is launching a 'Hold My Coors' merch collection complete with products that will hold your Coors Light, Coors Seltzer, or Coors Pure while you sit back and chill," the company said in a press release. "The past year has been filled with way too many crazy and absurd moments – a toilet paper shortage, social media dance-offs, lockdowns, murder hornets, and extreme weather, to name a few. It's all too much, too fast. Coors Light is feeling optimistic about this summer and wants to encourage people to slow down and get back to chilling. So today, the brand is launching the new "Hold My Coors" collection featuring products that literally just hold your beer – no drama or one-upmanship required."

The whole "Hold My Coors" collection will be available for purchase online at Prices range from $18-$49. Additionally, fans can also purchase other Coors Light merch on the site, such as t-shirts, hats, and more.

Coors Light's "Hold My Coors" collection launches Tuesday, June 15th at

Will you be checking out the "Hold My Coors" collection? Which item are you most interested in? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.