Cup Noodles to Release Breakfast-Flavored Ramen

Cup Noodles is well-known all over the world for being a go-to snack and/or a meal choice of questionable nutritional value – but eating it for breakfast? Even the most brand-loyal consumer may not go that far. However, Cup Noodles is taking steps to get into the breakfast food lane, by introducing a new line of breakfast-themed Cup Noodles. 

The Cup Noodles Breakfast ramen flavor will only be sold at Walmart locations across America, for the retail price of $1.39 a cup. 

Breakfast ramen is the second attempt Cup Noodles has made at expanding its line with out-of-the-box flavors. In 2021 a pumpkin spice ramen flavor was released in celebration of the company's 50th Anniversary. 

"After 50 years of noodle innovation, what better time to release our most unexpected flavor to date with pumpkin spice, and trust me it really is that good," Jaclyn Park, Vice President, Marketing, Nissin Foods, USA said at the time. "Product innovation is at the core of the Cup Noodles brand and we are excited to launch our first-ever limited-edition flavor that is sure to cause a stir. You just have to try it!"

Breakfast flavor may be good for business at Cup Noodles – but it's debatable whether it's good for consumers. As stated, Cup Noodles is one of THE go-to junk food snack/meal items out there; it's arguable that the greatest protective measure limiting Cup Noodles from overexposure was the fact that it was usually only viable as a meal choice within a limited span of the day. It'll be interesting to see if market expansion is truly what happens with this push into a breakfast flavor. 

"We know our products are a go-to meal any time of the day," said Priscila Stanton, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Nissin Foods USA. "Saucy, soup-based, spicy, sweet or savory, we even added rice to some, so by adding Cup Noodles Breakfast to our line-up we are truly feeding cravings around the clock – morning, noon, night or late night."

(Photo: Cup Noodles)

More to the point: will Cup Noodles Breakfast flavor ramen even be good to eat? 

The promo image for the new Cup Noodles flavor says that it comes "artificially flavored as maple syrup, pancakes, sausage and egg," while still keeping the classic format of "Ramen Noodles in sauce." That is quite an interesting combination, to say the least. In fact, it wouldn't be all that surprising if only the most intrepid food/snack enthusiasts jump at the chance to try this one out...